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About Japan BioPlastics Association

About Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA)

Biomass-based plastics and Biodegradable plastics are two of the environmentally-friendly new materials which are expected to play a key role in establishment of the recycling-based society. Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA), which was founded in 1989 as Biodegradable Plastics Society (BPS), is a private organization with the objectives of promoting the popularization of Biomass-based plastics and Biodegradable plastics as well as establishing the new technologies relevant to these new plastics.

The association currently has around 240 registered members including resin manufacturers, processing makers, final products manufacturers and trading companies. JBPA has been devoting itself to a wide range of activities since its foundation in order to accomplish the objectives in collaboration with the central governmental agencies, municipalities, Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA) and other domestic and international organizations.

The major outcomes of our activities are the establishment of the Japanese and International Industrial Standards for biodegradable plastics, and the methodology of analysis and evaluation of biodegradable plastics, as well as launching model projects on application exploitation and the publicity activities to promote the public recognition on the plastics.

Biomass-based plastics and Biodegradable plastics, which are by nature less burdensome to the environment, possess unique characteristics and possibilities to open up a new future. JBPA intends to continue the endeavors to promote the establishment of sustainable and more satisfying society through the spread of these new plastics. .

Many people have begun thinking about a real meaning of "benefit" from a long-term and more comprehensive point of view instead of from the view points of shortsighted economical and/or superficial advantages. JBPA believes that immediate wealth and conveniences alone are not adequate, but the wealth and conveniences inheritable to the following generations are of the real importance. JBPA will continue to actively involve in promoting the spread and utilization of Biomass-based plastics and Biodegradable plastics as our contribution to establishing the much desired sustainable society.

This is the official web site of Japan BioPlastics Association providing the information on Biomass-based plastics and Biodegradable plastics ( GreenPla(R) ).